Still, shots 55-66 of 80, AGFA Precia 35mm Colour Transfer film, 2013.

‘Still’ comprises a 35mm slide carousel projection of eighty continually rotating slides produced in the circular perimeter corridor of Guéorguy Stoilov's Buzludzha Monument, a disintegrating late communist-era structure located in the Buzludzha National Park in Central Bulgaria. Buzludzha Monument opened in 1981 as the meeting house for the Bulgarian Socialist Party but was last used in 1989 prior to the 1990 Bulgarian Constitutional Assembly elections (10th June – 17th June) that finalised the fall of Communism, in Bulgaria. I produced the images with two cameras over the course of 24 hours on the 13th of June 2013. To make the work. I used each camera to take shots of the other, moving in a clockwise direction around the circumference of the Monument. The process continued over the course of a whole day. I took photos every 18 minutes until I had produced 80 images, sufficient to fill a slide carousel.