Sight Seeing, Framed colour laserjet prints on Fuji Satin paper, detail view 1-6 and installation views 1+2, 2012. 

‘Sight Seeing’ is an installation made with images re-photographed from Bulgarian travel-guides produced in the UK over the course of a fifty-year period (1961 – 2011). As well as conveying information about the country and highlighting sites of interest, these guides reveal attitudes about Bulgarian culture and the wider context of the former Eastern-Bloc that are specific to British culture at the time of their publication. Framed, but informally arranged on the floor, the pictures appear as a collection of generic images awaiting exhibition and clichéd attitudes awaiting re-appropriation. The installation also demonstrates how art museums co-exist with other attractions as aspects of the tourist industry – yet another scheduled stop on a sightseer’s agenda.